Standing seam and twin skin metal roofing and cladding technical services

Standing seam and twin skin metal roofing and cladding technical services

Standing seam and twin skin metal roofing and cladding technical servicesStanding seam and twin skin metal roofing and cladding technical servicesStanding seam and twin skin metal roofing and cladding technical services

About us

Norfolk based DHLowe Ltd provides back up engineering support to manufacturers and installers in relation to metal roofing and cladding systems, particularly standing seam systems, throughout the UK.  

Roofing and cladding subcontractor or manufacturer? DHLowe Ltd can be your back up technical resource - to provide technical support, technical writing, design reviews, structural engineering calculations, feedback and construction details review.......etc.

It is unfortunately common for a standing seam or twin skin metal roof or wall system to be selected and specified by the architect to suit aesthetics and form, the primary structure is designed to suit the purlins and economy, the roofer installs what is specified, and unwittingly, the structural capacity of the envelope is not checked. Sometimes this only becomes evident after storm damage.   Metal roofing and cladding needs to be subject to structural design checks. DHLowe Ltd can provide this service to you.

DHLowe Ltd is a member of the MCRMA (Metal Cladding and Roofing Manufacturer’s Association): Industry Support Services Group   



Primarily product and system design for applications in metal roofing and cladding, secret fix/ standing seam, built up and structural deck systems.   

24 years, manufacturer SpeedDeck Building Systems Ltd (previously Stramit Industries Ltd, an Eleco plc company), Technical Director.  

10 years, national roofing contractor Ruberoid Contracts Ltd (a Ruberoid plc company), Technical Services Engineer/ Technical Manager  

25 years, MCRMA (Metal Roofing and Cladding Manufacturers Association), management committee, chairman 2004 - 2007 and 2013 - 2017  

BSc (Civil Engineering): Manchester University.

Other industry activities over the years:-    

  • FRCAB technical committee
  • BSI (ref BS 5427:96)
  • Specification subcommittee of the Partnership in Technology / B.R.E. Zelro scheme  

Scope of work


  • Technical writing – literature, data sheets, information sheets, web content.
  • Calculations to verify a roofing/walling system:
    • Wind loading
    • Snow loading
    • Profile suitability
    • Fasteners
    • Structural decking (excluding stress skin designs)
    • etc
  • Construction details review and comment
  • Other technical support using 30+ years experience

DHLowe Ltd carries PI insurance. 


BTS Fabrications Ltd

Gale Construction Co. Limited

Gale Construction Co. Limited


Over the years DHLowe Ltd has provided BTS Fabrications with calculation support for Vantage Rainscreen and Vantage CS capping system applications.

The bespoke Vantage CS capping system design spreadsheet developed by David has been very useful in allowing us to make quick and accurate structural designs for capping applications. 

Phil Atkinson - MD BTS Fabrications Limited

T: 01388 816883



Gale Construction Co. Limited

Gale Construction Co. Limited

Gale Construction Co. Limited


Gale Construction has employed David to provide calculation back up to our project detailing and to review and comment on non-standard construction details.  

We particularly like the quick turn around and ability to see things from the installers point of view. 

Richard Plume - MD Gale Construction Company Limited  

T: 01953 604537  



H McLarnon & Son Ltd

Gale Construction Co. Limited

H McLarnon & Son Ltd


As a specialist installer, H McLarnon skills are in the project detail design and safe installation of roof and wall systems throughout the UK.    

The specialist support and engineering provided by David in validating our designs has contributed to the professionalism of our success.  

Stephen McLarnon – MD HMcLarnon & Son Ltd 

T: 028 2586 3003 





MCRMA - Metal Roofing and Cladding Manufacturers Association, Industry Support Services Group  

The Metal Cladding & Roofing Manufacturers Association Ltd represents, promotes and defends the interests of manufacturing companies, suppliers and Independent Roofing and Cladding Inspectors who provide products, systems and services within the non-domestic metal roof and wall market sector.  

As the voice for the industry, MCRMA works closely with a variety of industry bodies and Standards committees to develop building envelope solutions and to disseminate best practice, ensuring that its members operate to the highest standards at all times.  

Management committee 2001 – 2017.

Chairman 2004 - 2007 and 2013 – 2017  


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